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Otvoritev razstave fotografij Alenke Slavinec v Muzeju moderne umetnosti v Kuvajtu

Veleposlanik dr. Robert Kokalj je skupaj z generalnim direktorjem kuvajtskega Nacionalnega  sveta za umetnost in kulturo Alijem Al Yuho 2. februarja v Muzeju moderne umetnosti v Kuvajt City-ju otvoril fotografsko razstavo »Love in us« Alenke Slavinec.

Otvoritve razstave se je udeležilo večje število povabljenih diplomatskih, političnih, kulturnih in gospodarskih predstavnikov, kakor tudi širša kuvajtska publika in mediji. Razstava bo potekala do 7. februarja.

Na otvoritvi je veleposlanik pozdravil goste z naslednjim nagovorom:

Dear Excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,
I am very pleased to be here in Kuwait tonight, a country with which Slovenia enjoys friendly relations that were established in many spheres through decades-long, close mutual cooperation. As a non-resident Ambassador I need to emphasize that coming to Kuwait is always like coming back to a house of an old friend.
In the past three years and in my role as the Slovenian Ambassador to Kuwait, I have strived with sincere ambition to provide for new dynamics in cooperation between our two friendly countries, especially in the fields of economic cooperation, tourism and health. The fruits of our mutual work are emerging very strongly.
But it is also that our hearts beat for mutual achievements in the field of culture. This is why it is my greatest pleasure to be here at the opening of the exhibition of one of the finest Slovenian photographer Ms Alenka Slavinec, who also stands out as a promoter of links between the two nations. We are witnessing not only a story of Love in Us but also of Love among Us. A story of how Middle East desert love is transcended over the ocean all the way to the Alps of the central Europe. Alenka's photographs are a passionate excursion into the wonders of nature. She has masterminded imagination and wit in her photographic production and this is why her masterpieces pulse and vibrate before our eyes in eternal freshness. Her work is like a vibrant ode to the lightness of being, serving also as a proof that she has already matured into artistic greatness.
Lipizzaner and Arabian horses are symbols of beauty, free spirit, elegance and determination. Moreover, they represent and symbolize identity and cultural heritage. So this exhibition is a perfect example of how we can honour our cherished traditions in new and exciting ways.
Every day one should find a reason for delight. Tonight, thanks to Alenka, there are forty reasons for delight and I have no doubt that this prolific author will remain a source of artistic delight for many years and, given her youth, decades.
Thank you and have an enjoyable evening