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Sprejem ob Dnevu državnosti Republike Slovenije

Veleposlaništvo Republike Slovenije v Kairu je 25. junija obeležilo Dan državnosti Republike Slovenije s sprejemom v hotelu Semiramis Intercontinental v Kairu. Sprejema so se udeležili predstavniki političnega, kulturnega in gospodarskega sveta države akreditacije, člani diplomatskega zbora ter v Egiptu živeča slovenska skupnost.

Zbrane goste je na proslavi nagovoril veleposlanik dr. Kokalj, ki je v svojem nagovoru čestital egiptovskemu narodu za prvega svobodno in demokratično izvoljenega Predsednika države (nagovor v angleškem jeziku je priložen). Za kulturni program na sprejemu je poskrbela pianistka Katarina Tominec.


Excellencies, distinguished guests, fellow Slovenians, ladies and gentlemen,

it is my great pleasure and honour to welcome you to the celebration of Slovenia’s Independence.

This is our first gathering in the new era of Egypt. But allow me to start with a historic reference to one of the late president’s Sadat personal commandments that says: »Don't cross bridges till you come to them.« Indeed, sometimes bridges appear closer than they really are. This is especially true in cases of all democratic transitions, including the Egyptian one.

My nation in its recent history soon learnt that the outstanding questions in this process have to be dealt with in the spirit of inclusiveness and the necessary patience, not only while narrowing the distance in reaching the bridge, but also in most decisive moments of crossing the bridge. On the occasion of celebrating one of such most important milestones, I sincerely congratulate the entire Egyptian nation for the first freely democratically elected President of the state in its history. 

Celebrating our national day just next to the birthplace of the Egyptian revolution, reminds me of the fact that when the process of democratic transition was started in Slovenia more than two decades ago, most of us would not acknowledge its perpetual and open-ended nature. Today we understand that the democratic transition is a long journey, requiring unity of purpose and action, and not a one-stop event.

Evermore, that is why we are encouraging Egypt to embrace this journey in the spirit of mutual understanding, inclusion and cooperation.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Egypt certainly is more than just a country. It remains a core of the Middle East stability and one of our most important partners.

Slovenia is very much interested that our ideas and expertise are used with benefit to the local environment. I note with much pleasure that in the course of last year we have been able to contribute to the development of the Egyptian health sector. Our cooperation is now growing also into the education sector and in the exchange of best practices in the area of the SMEs development. 

Cultural cooperation remains to be one of our strong traditions. This is why we have decided to offer to you a selection of modern Slovenian compositions in the interpretation of the raising star of the Slovenian art scene, pianist Katarina Tominec. 

Have a joyful evening and thank you.