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This year's Africa Day Conference addresses enhanced cooperation

The 3rd Africa Day International Conference took place on 19 and 20 May at the International Centre for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE). The participants were addressed by Minister Erjavec.

The Minister assessed this year's event as a great opportunity to discuss possible cooperation between Africa and the EU in general, as well as between Africa and Slovenia in particular. He noted that the African continent has a number of opportunities and a vast economic potential. There are excellent prospects for cooperation, especially on infrastructure, logistics, tourism, and the environment. Minister Erjavec also pointed out that Africa is facing socio-economic tension, migration pressure and a lack of opportunities for young people. He said that particular attention should be devoted to education, training and cooperation on science and research, underlining the role of the Euro-Mediterranean University based in Slovenia, which serves as a platform for such cooperation.

Enhanced cooperation between the EU and Africa on the economy and science demand that legal migration be organised better. The migration of highly qualified labour force to developed countries can contribute to these countries' economic progress and development, said the Foreign Minister.

In his address, the African Union Ambassador to the EU, Ajay Kumar Bramdeo, mentioned the importance of better cooperation between the European and African unions. "Low economic growth and high unemployment are sources of the social instability in both Europe and Africa. In order to achieve the well-being of our people, it is essential that our governments, private sectors and civil societies cooperate," he said.

The Conference continued with a meeting of representatives of African countries and Slovenian businesspeople at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, where they discussed business cooperation.

The 3rd Africa Day international conference was organised by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Centre for Promotion of Enterprises, the Club of Slovenian Ambassadors, the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the African Forum.